Benefits of New York Traffic School

Considering enrolling in a New York traffic school program? If so, we commend you on your excellent decision. Completing a Point and Insurance Reduction program is a great idea for all drivers, even those who don't make a habit of receiving New York traffic tickets. By taking a defensive driving program like ours, you will benefit in many ways, namely, reducing the points on your driving record, saving money on your auto insurance premium and teaching you to be a better, safer driver.

Insurance Discount

It is very easy to save money on your New York auto insurance. All that is required is that you enroll in a New York traffic school course and, when completed, submit your proof of completion to your insurance provider. You will then begin to save up to 10% on your liability and collision insurance rates. This discount will remain active for three years, and then you can take the course again to continue saving. For just a few hours of work, you can save on your New York auto insurance for years to come; it almost seems too good to be true!

Point Reduction

The NYS DMV has a Point System in place. Whenever you receive New York traffic tickets there are points associated with your violations. After you pay the fines for your citations, these points are applied to you driving record. This is also true of tickets received out of NY. Moving violations all carry a specified number of points and can vary within the same violation category. For example, speeding tickets in New York can range from 3 to 11 points depending on the severity of the violation. For a better idea, here the point values for some of the most common NY moving violations:

NY Point System Chart

NYS DMV: Driver Violation Point System

The NYS DMV keeps track of all of your points. The points for all violations received within 18 months are calculated to determine your point total. It is important to pay close attention to the number of points on your NYS driving record because an accumulation of too many points can result in the loss of your driving privileges and costly fees. If you receive six or more points on your driving record within 18 months, you will be required to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee of a minimum of $100 a year for three years. If you happen to accumulate 11 or more points within 18 months your license will be suspended. If your License is Suspended in New York, there will be procedures to follow and fees to pay before you can reinstate it. This can all be quite a costly headache. To prevent any of these consequences, be sure to complete a New York traffic school program whenever you receive a traffic citation to keep your active point total low. The sate allows you to complete the course once every 18 months for point reduction, and doing so will reduce up to four points from your driving record. Don't let New York traffic tickets continue to cost you; reduce the points they leave behind and get a New York auto insurance discount while you're at it.

NYS DMV: A Guide to Suspension & Revocation of Driving Privileges in New York State

NYS DMV: Driver Responsibility Program

NYS DMV: DMV Driver Abstract Information

Become a Better, Safer Driver

In addition to a point reduction and insurance discount, the New York Traffic School program will also improve your skills and safety on the road. You'll learn about traffic laws, defensive driving techniques and better ways to handle urban driving. The course will help you avoid receiving additional speeding tickets in New York and increase your level of safety while you navigate the New York roads.

If you would like to save money on your auto insurance rates, reduce the number of points on your driving record and learn to be a safer, more confident driver, Sign Up for our New York traffic school course today!