The History of New York Defensive Driving Courses

Are you ready to complete your first NY defensive driving course? Have you completed many throughout the years? Either way, the history of New York defensive driving is both interesting and educational. Find out how defensive driving courses in New York went from unregulated, never-ending classroom courses to the streamlined, technologically advanced online educational courses that we have today.

New York Defensive Driving Classroom Courses

History of New York Defensive Driving Courses

While there may have been defensive driving courses in New York prior to the 1980's, they were neither official nor monitored. These courses, usually taught in recreational centers were informative and encouraged safer driving practices and were mainly attended by seniors and those who drove for their job. It wasn't until 1980 that the state of New York issued a mandate that would qualify any New York driver who completed a defensive driving course a 10% liability insurance premium reduction. To qualify for this discount, drivers were required to complete an NYS DMV monitored course and present proof of their completion to their insurance providers. The insurance companies were responsible for applying this 10% discount for 3 years. In addition, drivers could receive a 3-point reduction on their New York diving records if they had received a traffic citation. USA Training Company started offering classroom courses that year and continues to do so to this day.

These courses were taught by instructors in classrooms and recreational centers, usually on weekends as the courses were required to be at least 8 hours long and were sometimes split over two days. In 1982, making it easier to complete a defensive driving course, NY lowered the time requirement to 6 hours.

In 1987, the Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) as we know it came to be. Legislature drafted by Owen H. Johnson, a New York State Senator, passed, giving the defensive driving program a small makeover. The program, which originally only offered a 10% liability insurance reduction, now offered a 10% collision insurance reduction as well.

New York Defensive Driving Online Courses

In 2005, Senator Owen H. Johnson drafted more defensive driving legislation, bringing the NY defensive driving course into the digital age. Said Johnson, Previously limited to only in-person or classroom delivery, this law created a pilot program to study the effectiveness of allowing New York residents to take a defensive driving class over the Internet or by some other take-home method such as DVD. The bill was approved, instating a pilot program to test the success of this new online course idea, the Internet Point and Insurance Program (I-PIRP).

In May of 2009, the first online defensive driving programs opened for business. Many in the state were excited about this new way to complete a defensive driving course. NY drivers were now able to complete their defensive driving course over the internet from the comfort of their own homes. The online courses were shortened to a required time of 320 minutes and covered the same topics as live classroom courses. Completion of an NYS DMV-approved course had the same great benefits of a traditional classroom course, a three-point reduction and a 10% liability and collision insurance discount.

On May 18th, 2009,, a new, innovative website and I-PIRP by USA Training Company, Inc. and The Online Traffic School, Inc. received approval from the NYS DMV. Already having offered classroom courses to New York drivers since 1980, transitioning to the online format was effortless. The result is what you see on this website.

Current NY Defensive Driving Courses

New York defensive driving courses have come a long way. Transitioning from a long and dull 8 hour classroom course that took over your entire weekend, to a quick and easy 320 minute program that can be completed at your own pace, on your own time, and from the comfort of your own home, the evolution has simplified the process for all New York drivers. From the ability to take your course on the go using your mobile devices to the engaging images, animations and videos embedded throughout the course, there is no easier, more entertaining way to clean up your driving record and save money on your auto insurance premiums. The ease and convenience offered by our online defensive driving program is unparalleled. Enroll Now to discover this for yourself.

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