How does Defensive Driving Course NY Work?

Whether it's because you recently received a traffic citation, looking to save money on your auto insurance premium, or, simply wish to improve your safety on the road, completing a New York defensive driving program is a good idea. If this is your first time, or even if it's not, doing so might seem a little complicated. In reality, it is very simple to complete a defensive driving course. NY gives you an option of either completing the course in a classroom setting or via an online program. The defensive driving program is also known as both the New York Accident Prevention Course and the Point and Insurance Program (PIRP), but no matter what you call it, the purpose remains the same. During the course you will learn everything you need to know about New York traffic laws and defensive driving techniques in an effort to make you a safer driver. Upon completion, you will receive a 4 point reduction on your NYS driving record and will be entitled to an auto insurance rate reduction of up to 10%. Best of all, receiving these benefits is easy to do, especially when you complete it online! Continue reading to discover how the NY online defensive driving program works.

NYS DMV Point and Insurance Reduction Program

New York Defensive Driving Eligibility

The first thing you'll want to do when considering completing a New York Accident Prevention Course is ensure that you meet the Eligibility Requirements. When it comes to the requirements for their defensive driving course, NY is very lenient. All that is required is that you:

  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Take the course no more than once every 18 months for point reduction
  • Take the course no more than once every 3 years for an insurance discount

As long as you meet these requirements, the next step is to complete the course.

How Does the Defensive Driving Course NY Work?

The process to complete a New York Accident Prevention course is quite simple. There are only a few easy steps before you are ready to reap the rewards of becoming a better, safer driver:

Step 1: Register for a New York DMV-Approved Course.

Make sure that the course provider you choose is approved by the DMV to offer the program in the state. Once you have chosen a provider, the enrollment should only take a few minutes. You will be asked for basic information about yourself and your mailing address. Once you have completed the registration, you are ready to begin working on the course.

Step 2: Complete the Online Defensive Driving Course.

The course is required to cover a total of 320 minutes, but since you will be talking the course online you will be able to log on and off as you please. Being able to work at you own pace in this manner is one of the most convenient features of the online course. You will learn about New York traffic laws and what to avoid on the road in order to increase your safety. Complete the course and then you're almost done!

Step 3: Submit Proof of Your Completion.

Once you have completed your course, all that's left is to get credit for doing so. Our online course makes submitting proof of your completion very easy. We communicate directly with the New York DMV to inform them of your completion status immediately after completion as well as mailing you a physical completion certificate; all FREE of charge! All that's left to do is submit your completion certificate to your insurance provider to secure your discount.

That's it! Three easy steps and you'll have a reduced point total on your driving record and lower auto insurance rate!

What Do You Learn in a New York Defensive Driving Course?

When it comes to the curriculum in a defensive driving course, NY has specific topics that should be covered. These include:

Defensive Driving Course NY Curriculum

How to Get Started

Now that you know how a New York defensive driving course works and what you'll learn, there is nothing left to do but get started. You can Enroll Now and be on your way to less driving record points and insurance rate savings in just a few minutes!

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