New York County Defensive Driving

New York County Defensive Driving

Our New York County defensive driving program offers all that you need and more. Whether you are looking for an easy and affordable program or one that offers great deals, discounts, and superb customer service, you are on the right website! Since 1980, our Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) has been helping motorists just like you keep their auto insurance rates low and driving record point totals low. With all the experience we have under our belts, our program is known to be one of the simplest ways to meet your NY defensive driving course online requirements. It is our goal to help you keep your wallet as fat as possible while also providing you material that will help you become the best defensive driving you can.

New York County Defensive Driving Course Features

Easy and Open Book

Our NY defensive driving course puts our customers as our highest priority. We have found that the best way to show our appreciation is not just through our everyday low price, discounts, and convenience, but also by providing an online class that is simple as can be. Because our entire program is 100% open book, you are able to look back on previous chapters you've read while completing your quizzes and final exam—it's what we all wished for back in school! Additionally, our entire New York County defensive driving course is broken down by small chapters, which allow finding a stopping point for a break easy. Why make taking defensive driving a difficult task when it doesn't need to be? Register Today for one of the easiest defensive driving programs New York has to offer!

Get an Insurance Discount!

Although our New York County defensive driving course is ideal for those who need to remove points from their driving record, we are also your number one choice for receiving reduced auto insurance! When you complete our online program, you will receive a certificate of completion in the mail that you can take to your auto insurance provider for an auto insurance reduction! This great discount will last for a full three years. Just be sure to ask your auto insurance provider first—you may have to wait until it's time for renewal!


Classroom courses are a thing of the past! They are outdated and can provide a lackluster atmosphere when you have to sit and listen to a teacher for six hours; not to mention you must go out of your way and adjust your schedule to fit that of another! With our New York County defensive driving program you are able to create your own schedule and take defensive driving when is best for you. We don't ask you to change your busy lifestyle just so you can meet your IPIRP requirements. Once you register for our NY defensive driving course online, you have the ability to log off and on as you please without losing any course progress. It's that hassle-free!


Do you have questions about the NY DMV, courthouses, or state rules and regulations that involve driving and your driver's license? Our NY defensive driving course has took the liberty of putting together a list of useful and informative website links and tools below!

New York County

New York DMV

New York Courthouses

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